Bhawani Group is the high quality bottom plate manufacturers across the nation. These are provided with the customized solutions to our clients for their complete satisfaction.

Bottom Plate is also known as Base plate as this holds liquid metal, refractory, centre coloumn & Ingot Moulds, its Strength, Chemical composition, Surface Machine Treatment is Un-Compromised and is Very Carefully Casted . We are Casting Base plates for Induction melting furnace with Capacity 1 Mt To 20 Mt in Various Shapes of Plates Like H-Type , I-Type , Swastik-Type , Channel Base Plate etc , Different size of furnace with different mild steel Ingots needs different shape to adjust with appropriate Capillary Function of Steel Ingot casting . We cast Bottom Stool Plate for Casting Singlet Moulds according to various size of Single Pieces Ingot weight start from up to 15Mt.

    bottom_plate_02         bottom_plate_drawing    

Casting for Mini Steel Plants - Steel Melting Shop :

1. Bottom Plates up to 15 M/Tons- Single piece
2. Centre Column up to 84 Inches

* Rectangular Bottom Plate to accommodate up to 84 pieces
* Split/One piece Centre Column