Duplex Ingot Moulds

Bhawani Group's Duplex Ingot Moulds are widely appreciated for their high quality standards and durability. These comply to various industrial standards and are tested on various parameters before being supplied to the clients. Our Cast Iron Duplex Ingot Moulds are casted with ethnic casting process fused with modern technique , Selective sand is blended with coal powder addition of binding fluxes & chemicals like bentonite , Silica clay with alumina & magnetite ramming mass etc. is manually moulded so that mould should have air pass to let various gases ejected during casting to give clean metal casting without any gaseous inclusions.

    duplex_ignot_mould_03         duplex_ignot_mould_drawing    

Raw material is all used of Prime category nodular pig iron and its contrary chemistry products only , We never Use cast iron machinery scrap or any other casted scrap , as once cast iron is casted will never give same thick grains of metal again what we receive in virgin cast iron .

Casting for Integrated Steel Plants - Ingot Moulds (Large Moulds)

1. Round Ingot Moulds
2. Square Ingot Moulds
3. Polygon Ingot Moulds
4. Hexagonal Ingot Moulds
5. Corrugated / Fluted Ingot Moulds