Vision and Mission

bhawani_03Our vision is to globalize our activities and become Specialized market leaders in C. I. Castings, C.I.  Slag Pots,  Ingot Moulds, Duplex Moulds, C.I. Counter Weights, Center Columns & General Casting to follow the Implementation of best Quality & client’s satisfaction. We wish to emerge as an organization leader in C I Castings. Our vision is to achieve the goal of growth through the respect for the worker’s excellence, their team work, integrity and innovation. The success of our organization is the selective and well-trained manpower, planning & professionalism.

Our mission has to frequently endeavor towards delivering customer values through reliable and affordable solutions supported by highest quality of service. Our main focus is on Quality, Customer satisfaction, Commitment, Innovation and Productivity by implementing quality management system. Similarly follow a culture of encouraging workers to utilize their full potential for getting higher productivity efforts. Basic provide an infrastructure from the concept to design, implementation, optimization, operations and maintenance with quality and timely delivery to customers.