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We thank you very much again for sparing your time to visit our site. We believe that the products being manufactured & offered by us will meet to your requirements. However we can assure you to serve you with our best ability by providing you the Cast Articles in different sizes and qualities as per your drawings- made to order - which are not shown in our range of products.



About Us

“Bhawani Group” is a group of   ISO:9001: 2000 Certified Companies namely M/s Bhawani Metals  (P) Limited, M/s Bhawani Moulders (P) Limited, and M/s Bhawani Foundries (P) Limited, all three Industries located in Industrial areas of Dist.  Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

Bhawani Group is in manufacturing business of Cast Articles since last more then Twenty one years. Registered Office of Bhawani Group of Industries is Located at 1, Crooked Lane, Kolkata and  Branch Office at 412, 3rd Floor, Eskay Plaza, K K Road, Raipur (Chhattisgarh).


Casting for Mini Steel Plants: Steel Melting Shop

  1. Bottom Plates up to 15 M/Tons- Single piece
  2. Centre Column up to 84 Inches
  3. Rectangular Bottom Plate to accommodate up to 84 pieces
  4. Split/One piece Centre Column

Centre Column recquired is according to capacity of your liquid metal tapping, height of tapping point to surface of Bottom plate, size of Ingot you need to cast and base plate design you are using , Each factor is calculated and dimension derived to give your Ingot casting perfect

Casting for Mini Steel Plants

  1. Ingot Moulds
  2. Mould Assemblies - Assorted
  3. Duplex Moulds in different sizes
  4. Duplex Ingot Moulds Assembly- 3 to 6 Inches

Our grey cast iron manhole covers & frames are designed specifically to offer solutions for standard municipal, industrial and urban settings. Apart from the standard covers and frames we also supply accessories including manhole cover keys and manhole riser rings.

Casting for Integrated Steel Plants - Ingot Moulds (Large Moulds)

  1. Round Ingot Moulds
  2. Square Ingot Moulds
  3. Polygon Ingot Moulds
  4. Hexagonal Ingot Moulds
  5. Corrugated / Fluted Ingot Moulds

Bhawani Group is leading supplier of Slag Pots of various sizes & capacities to Alloy Steel Makers and Ferro Alloys Plants in India.

  1. Rectangular Type Large Slag Pot
  2. Elliptical type Large Slag Pot
  3. Round Type Large Slag Pot